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“We make parent’s lives easier by using music as a medium to impart important life skills. Our job is not to teach your kid about numbers and colors. They are going to figure that out on their own. We are fostering more fundamental principles of character and personality. Harnessing the natural curiosity in children to influence. How are they view the world and build relationships with others? We focus on important traits that are seldom discussed in our modern culture like empathy.”

What Kid’s Learn with Learning Life Through Music:

  • Etiquette and Manners

  • Culture and Languages
  • Exercise and Bodily Awareness

  • Healthy Personal Hygiene Habits

  • Healthy Eating Habits

  • Confidence and Motivation

  • Caring and Forgiveness

  • Science and Music

More About Learning Life Through Music

Babies are learning machines. They enter the world and immediately begin a journey of exploration and adventure where each movement is a pathway towards new discovery. While each child learns in different ways, music can be used as a universal learning tool that can transcend age, race, religion and social class in reaching each student on an individual level.

Our goal is to provide young children with a valuable set of lessons and life skills they will carry for the rest of their lives, all taught through the power of music. Most importantly, we strive to make your life as parents easier and provide a fun and cooperative learning environment for you to interact with your child.

In our programs students learn important life skills and ideas such as manners, respecting others, hygiene, healthy eating habits and exercise, sharing and loving yourself, all taught through original music that kids and parents love – we promise you and your child will be singing our songs long after you leave our class!

Students will travel around the globe, learning about the new and different cultures and music of people from all over the world. We even have an exercise song that helps our students learn to count, in English and other languages!

Above all else, my true goal is to instill confidence, self-esteem, and respect and to give my students the emotional and mental framework to grow into powerful, strong members of society. I want my students to know how important it is to love and to take care of yourself while preparing them for their next stage of life

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